Construction works close to Marfolin apartments

They say that the only constant in life is that change happens, and that is as true in El Cotillo as anywhere in the world. As El Cotillo develops and modernises it’s of course natural that new buildings pop up, and this sometimes means periods of construction work that may impact on the normally peaceful and serene setting.


We may not be able to stop change from happening, but we always look out for our customers and their hard-earned holiday money, and will consistently go the extra mile to make your stay as perfect as we possibly can! We take care to ensure that you’re fully informed before you book your next getaway, and where the effects may be felt most, we’ve worked hard to negotiate discounted rates with property owners that take account of, and we hope mitigate, any issues around noise and other construction-related disruptions.


At present, in order to develop a new Aparthotel in the area adjacent to the South-facing side of the Marfolin complex, construction work has commenced (from Monday to Friday, and very occasionally a Saturday morning, between the hours of 7.30/8am and 6pm), and is likely to continue for some time. As is often the case in the Canaries, information about the overall plan and timings of construction phases is in limited supply, so we cannot be sure if building will be ongoing during your holiday, or to which stage it might have progressed.


For these reasons, we have undertaken extensive negotiations with property owners to secure discounts that reflect the potential disruption to your daytime holiday activities, depending on the relative proximity of each apartment to the continuing works. Of course, we understand that such works might discourage some. But for others, the prospect of a discounted price will mean that some limited disruption will be almost no issue at all, happening at a time when you’d normally be enjoying the beaches, setting out on an adventure to explore the island, shopping, pampering yourself, or even patrolling the coast-line looking for the best waves or snorkelling spots.


Simply Cotillo Customers booking @ Marfolin at reduced rates guaranteed until the 31 May, 2022, but subject to regular review as construction progresses, now fully aware of ongoing construction works, acknowledge the change in conditions whilst work is taking place, and as such will not be eligible to rearrange dates, move apartments or to seek a refund if they are dissatisfied upon arrival or during their stay.


In order to make the choice of accommodation that is best for you;

Details of proximity to, and likely effects related to the current construction works are briefly listed below:


Least affected apartments:

Marfolin 1 – Least affected apartment – No discounted rate

Marfolin 23 – Not facing construction site so lower noise levels – No discounted rate

Marfolin 27 & 32 – All rooms/terraces facing north so lower noise levels – No discounted rate


Most affected apartments:

Marfolin 29 & 30 – First floor (all on one level), directly opposite from construction works. The dual aspect terrace facing both North and Southward.

Approx’ 9% discount –  bringing the price (including 7% IGIC) down from €856 to €780 per week.  Reduced rate guaranteed until 31 June, 2022, but subject to regular review as construction progresses.


Marfolin 35 – First floor (all on one level), with the master bedroom & living area facing north so great for couples. The two other bedrooms face south, overlooking the 2nd plot where work is yet to start, but currently used for debris storage. The dual aspect terrace faces both North and Southward.

A generous discount of between 11% & 13%, depending on number of guests and seasonal rates, is applied to this apartment – 1085€ PER WEEK  FOR UP TO 4 PEOPLE.  Reduced rate guaranteed until 31 May, 2022, but subject to regular review as construction progresses.